Drop 002

In the northern reach of the Sonoma Valley Appellation, an 1880's farmhouse built from timber harvested at the back of the property, with a ghost winery formed by hand strewn basalt quarried from just up the hill, and along a seasonal creek, sits an alluvial fan with absolutely outstanding soils for grapevines. One valley closer to the ocean than Napa Valley, Merlot and Cabernet Franc excel here, with Cabernet Sauvignon sublime in riper years. Sentimental Value is a 2021 blend highlighting these grapes and tiny dash of our own secret sauce. Created in partnership with winemaker Sebastian Lane.

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about our drops

Each quarterly drop is purpose-made for our members around the theme of the release, and will differ every quarter. With each shipment, you will receive the equivalent of 6 bottles, which may be 6 bottles of the same wine, or a combination of different wines. The theme and wines will change from quarter to quarter, but will always be thoughtfully made and produced exclusively for our members. The wine may be white, red, rosé, sparkling, or a combination of those, but will always be delicious. If you particularly love a wine in the release, as a member you may purchase additional bottles through the GESTALT website. Over time, we will introduce additional wines available to everyone, with members enjoying a significant pricing discount.


As we ruminated on what really matters, we combined a sentimental moment from Creative Director Dave Phinney’s life, with a wine with deep roots from winemaker Sebastian Lane - to deliver a soulful California Red.

the drop zine

Each drop includes a custom tabloid style newspaper magazine exploring the theme to accompany our wine. For ‘Sentimental Value” we contemplate human connection, sentimental collections of objects and ultimately what really matters.

the art object

All of our drops contain 6 bottles of wine, a tabloid magazine and a custom art object. This drop, we looked to the past. With the aim to discover memories that aren’t ours, members received an old metal photograph, called a tintype. Stern portraits of people from the mid 1800’s, act as an invitation to our members to celebrate the lives of those who came before us.

this drop’s interview

Every drop in our tabloid newspaper magazine we conduct an interview surrounding our theme. For Sentimental Value, a 15 year old grandchild interviews Nancy (90) & Jerry (93), on the occasion of their 72nd wedding anniversary. We follow them from their time apart during the second World War, and along with them on their 70 plus years of union.