a wine experience for the casual contrarian


Gestalt is a movement hiding behind a bottle of wine. This movement has one objective — to introduce to our members the wines we love, the objects we love, and the people we love and respect.

We hope to accomplish this through meaningful collaborative endeavors of all kinds.

Wine is simply the vehicle or entry point for these introductions.

membership includes:


Members enjoy 24 bottles of wine each year, delivered in shipments of 6 bottles per quarter. These wines are available exclusively to our members. Each bottle is thoughtfully selected by Dave Phinney and the team at Gestalt and is created to be enjoyed with friends and loved ones.


Throughout the year, members will receive invitations to a range of intimate events and experiences organized by our team centered around food, wine, music and thought provoking discussions with the world’s leading iconoclasts from an array of different backgrounds.


A marketplace of hand-crafted curiosities by artisans and emerging makers who preserve techniques, motifs, and disciplines that span generations of artistic practice. While the store is open to the public, members receive an exclusive discount on all items.

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