a wine club
by dave phinney.

Gestalt is a new kind of wine club. Members are granted access to quarterly shipments of exclusive, curated wine, accompanied by a thoughtfully crafted zine that delves into the theme of each release.

Members also enjoy preferential pricing on a stunning array of wines, access to an online art marketplace, and invitations to exclusive online and in-person events.

membership includes:


Members receive six bottles of wine per quarter, totaling 24 bottles a year – each one distinctive and crafted exclusively for the club. Additional bottles from past drops and unique wines outside of the quarterly releases can be purchased with a generous 30% discount.


Each quarter's wine release is centered around a theme that invites contemplation and conversation. The accompanying zine further explores the theme, providing members with inspiration and prompts for engaging discussions.

the art

The online art marketplace offers members a glimpse into the creative force behind Gestalt. Overflowing with Dave's eccentric collections, it is a treasure trove of inspiration, with special discounts for members.


Periodic online and in-person events further the conversation around the release concepts and provide opportunities for members to connect, discuss, and explore the world of Gestalt.

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