about us

who we are

Gestalt was founded by creative director Dave Phinney. Dave has been making wine all over the world for the last twenty five years. His most notable accomplishments in the space include being the creator and founder of both The Prisoner wine brand as well as Orin Swift Cellars.

why we started gestalt

Over the last five years Dave obsessed over the prospect of an e-commerce wine platform/membership model that could be applied to wine and more. His goal was to create a forum where members could access wines of his creation as well as unique collaborative wine projects made by friends, family, and at times even competitors. By putting members satisfaction first and individual egos last much like the literal definition of Gestalt, the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

the gestalt house

The Gestalt House sits on five unspoiled acres just outside of the city limits of St. Helena in the heart of the Napa Valley. Built in 1865, this beautiful and understated Victorian property has been the unofficial creative home of Gestalt, as well as having hosted many of our friends & family in celebrations of food, wine, music, and intimate salons ranging from art to literature to industry, politics and beyond.

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