about us

who we are

Gestalt was founded by creative director Dave Phinney. Dave has been making wine all over the world for the last twenty five years. His most notable accomplishments in the space include being the creator and founder of both The Prisoner wine brand as well as Orin Swift Cellars.

why we started gestalt

Gestalt's origin story is entwined with that of its founder, Dave Phinney, who envisioned a platform that would allow him to unleash his creativity, collaborate with fellow artists, and connect with members on a deeper level. As he mulled over this concept, he stumbled upon a beautiful, historic Victorian estate in St. Helena.

the birth of gestalt

The estate soon became a creative sanctuary, a place for art, wine, and conversation to flourish, sparking the idea that would ultimately become Gestalt - an attempt to facilitate similar experiences for others. Today, the Victorian estate now serves as Gestalt's creative studio, where its wines and concepts are conceived.

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