A Photograph from Photographer Gary Fishman. 

Gary says " I took this photograph during a ten day trip to Spain in the spring of 2000.  As I was ambling around the outskirts of San Sebastian’s famed Concha Promenade one glorious late morning, I came upon this scene of a baby in a pram watched over by both father and grandfather. The site of papa and grandpa gazing into the Bay of Biscay with the newest member of their family so close at hand, and isolated in such a timeless setting, struck me as particularly poignant. 

I approached them and gained permission to photograph them. Afterwards I obtained the father’s mailing address and promised him that I would send him an image before I left Spain, which, of course, I did.

“Generations” remains one of my favorite photographs, as it is timeless, evocative and open to a kaleidoscope of feelings and interpretations unique to each individual who views it."

  • Materials: Print on German Rag Paper
  • Dimensions: 30 in by 40 in
  • Culture: USA
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