No Coincidence Genesis Study #3

As part of the genesis of GESTALT, Dave was contemplating how to show the physical nexus of wine and art that would be fundamental to the new project. It was important to graphically illustrate how he intended the project to disrupt a sometimes stale industry in a dramatic,  explosive way. 375mL flint green wine bottles were filled with acrylic paint and attached with epoxy to a 24” x 30” canvas. The canvases were taken to Dave’s remote Napa County ranch, where he mounted them to a sawhorse and measured off 20 paces. With a 1969 Belgian Browning 12-gauge shotgun, and #7 cartridges, Dave “painted” the canvas. The yielded results are both expected and surprising. The broken glass, paint, negative space, and holes in the canvas tell its explosive origin story. The third and final piece available in a series of 3.

The canvas was photographed and used as one of the labels for the first GESTALT release - Drop 001, No Coincidence. Mounted in a custom fabricated white hard rock maple frame, with hand rubbed finish. Professional packing and shipping for an additional fee, local pickup at no charge also provided.

  • Materials: Mixed media, glass, acrylic on canvas
  • Dimensions: 31.75” x 25.75” x 2.5”
  • Culture: USA
$2,750.00 $1,925.00 member pricing