Porcelain Rabbit

This Japanese porcelain sculpture, depicting the mythological "Jade Rabbit," comes with its original wooden box and ribbon and is likely from the late 19th century. Known also as the "Moon Rabbit," this figure from Asian folklore is the companion of the moon goddess Chang'e and is frequently shown making the elixir of life. As a result, the rabbit is portrayed as muscular, symbolizing a sustaining force in nature. The sculpture's powerful design and Arts and Crafts style glaze suggest it may have been crafted for a European collector who appreciated both Eastern fine arts and the Victorian fascination with the natural world. The hand-drawn calligraphy on the box identifies the subject as the "Jade Rabbit," includes the kiln's name (which is illegible), and features the artist's name with characters meaning "Gold" and "Mountain." The use of Japanese text with Chinese characters reflects a common practice of the time, showcasing the maker's erudition and refinement. 

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  • Materials: Porcelain, Wood
  • Dimensions: 5.25" x 10.25" x 8.25"
  • Culture: Japanese
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