California Pinot Noir

no coincidence pinot noir

Perfectly balanced, high toned and pure, with classic bing cherry flavors from this 2021 Santa Cruz Mountains Pinot Noir. The brilliant crimson hue and clarity betray the high elevation vineyard source, the juicy fruit and clean punchy mouthfeel showcase the winemaker’s deft touch with such precision driven fruit. Light exposure to a judicious amount of neutral oak barrel and minimalist winemaking interventions undertaken by winemaker Tony Leonardini, preserve the Pinot Noir’s elegance and foretell the ability to age this wine for up to 8 years. Cherries, pomegranate, and some Ocean Spray Cran-Ras on the nose give way to a clean entry, medium weight mid palate with more juicy red fruits and light bramble, and a crisp clean finish.

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why we made
this wine

It has been said by many that in life there is no such thing as a coincidence. In the case of Gestalt, it is no coincidence that we combined three things we love, beautifully hand crafted shotguns, art, and exceptional wine.

making the label

For the first and second of these loves we chose to use a shotgun to create art. We filled empty wine bottles with paint, attached them to a twenty-four by thirty-inch canvas and shot them with a vintage Belgian Browning twelve-gauge shotgun. The result is the labels that adorn our inaugural member release.

musings: tony

The greatest thing happens when you don’t
have rules when asked to make wine for
Gestalt. We aren’t forced to make the same
wine from the same vineyard every year. We
are able to get what we believe to get the best
varietal, from the best appellation depending
on the year and its climates.

Our Pinot comes from a special vineyard in the Santa Cruz mountains. The vineyard is nestled in the Santa Cruz Mountains, above the Pacific Ocean, and is notorious for its foggy mornings and nights. The Pinot Noir worked extremely hard to ripen leading to a true representation of the Pinot Noir grape without any manipulation.