Columbia Valley

Me and My Shadow

In this drop we are highlighting Washington State. Its vast fertile valleys have a history of being successful producers of wheat, fruit, and increasingly, winegrapes. In the last handful of years, Washington growers have diligently matched the right terroirs to the right varietals, and have learned how to farm them better than ever before. In this Drop, we’ve made a Red Wine for you from the largest appellation in the State, the Columbia Valley. With a predominance of Syrah in the blend, along with its Rhone white grape blending partner Viognier, and a splash of Cabernet Sauvignon as well, we think this wine would be fun to compare against a Cru status vineyard from the Northern Rhone. It will be a guaranteed hit if it “shadows” you to any summer BBQs!

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me and my

One of the core tenets of GESTALT is that the type of wines that we ship will be interesting and varied. Over the last decade and a half or so, one region that has steadily improved and impressed is Washington State. For Me and My Shadow- we bring you a bold wine from Columbia Valley.

making the label

A father and son shadow adorn each bottle of “Me and My Shadow”. In this drop, creative director Dave Phinney shot portraits of our team- and reflects on what the lessons we can learn from the next generation.

kim, melissa,

The winemakers for this release are the women who were brave enough to marry the fathers on the labels of Me and My Shadow, and who gave birth to the sons that appear alongside them. Kim Phinney, Melissa Leonardini, and Estelle Lane are those intrepid souls!

Kim Phinney’s deft palate has been regularly used at home to “check Dave’s math” on final blends and just keeping him in check, generally speaking! Her winemaker advice is, “If it smells good, drink it.” Along with Melissa and Estelle - they are delivering this drop’s wine.