Sonoma County

Made You Look

GSM. Those three letters, short form for Grenache, Syrah, and Mouvedre, have developed a loyal following of wine drinkers globally for the rich, robust, and distinctive wines they produce. Like many varietals and blends, New World producers look to classic examples in the Old World to model after. In the case of GSM, it’s France’s Rhone Valley. We looked closer to home to source our GSM- here in Sonoma County, which, as we prefer to do, we labeled simply Red Wine. Made You Look has that difficult to achieve balance of richness, juiciness, and complexity. It’s one of those wines that you can serve at just above cellar temperature and as it warms up in the glass will show you many, many facets. Classic leather, spice, and meaty notes are paired up against ample blackberry fruit and creamy integrated tannins. Total lipsmacker!

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made you

We view life in three dimensions, but we live it more than that if one takes into account the aromas we experience and the textures we touch and the emotions that we feel. Those sensations go to the essence of wine, loved ones, and the experiences we endeavor to enrich for our Members. Dave has been searching for years for the right way to release a wine with a 3D label, Made You Look was that opportunity.

making the label

The label imagery is mid century, set in Palm desert. A special place for our founder, Dave. We can easily imagine a dusty drive-in theater on a hot summer night in the desert showing the Creature from the Black Lagoon to a bunch of teeagers in 3D glasses, half of whom snuck in through the trunk.

this drops

All of our drops contain 6 bottles of wine, a tabloid magazine and a custom art object. This quarter, we talk about all thing things that "make you look". From Dark UX doom scrolling to the charming faces we see in everyday life, thanks to a phenomenon known as pariedolia.

For Drop 004's theme, we decided to break out some old school red and cyan 3D glasses - and played with a technology known as Anaglyphic 3D. This stereoscopic 3D effect is achieved by filtering one eye in red and the other in cyan.