California Red

sentimental value

In the northern reach of the Sonoma Valley Appellation, an 1880's farmhouse built from timber harvested at the back of the property, with a ghost winery formed by hand strewn basalt quarried from just up the hill, and along a seasonal creek, sits an alluvial fan with absolutely outstanding soils for grapevines. One valley closer to ocean than Napa Valley, Merlot and Cabernet Franc excel here, with Cabernet Sauvignon sublime in riper years. Sentimental Value is a 2021 blend highlighting these grapes and tiny dash of our own secret sauce. Created in partnership with winemaker Sebastian Lane. 
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As we ruminated on what really matters, we combined a sentimental moment from Creative Director Dave Phinney’s life, with a wine with deep roots from winemaker Sebastian Lane - to deliver a soulful California Red.

making the label

A fleeting moment of sky writing captured the love Dave feels for his daughter, Angelina Jean. The dissipating letters of the entire phrase form the scene across the labels of the six bottles, with the “A” already becoming amorphic in the windy skies.

sebastian lane

After talking through the theme for Sentimental Value, choosing which wine to make was an easy choice. I planted the vineyard that produced these grapes more than 20 years ago, and I spent a good portion of my formative years on this special property.

The current owners are as gracious as the property itself and allowed me to make a wine which I’m really proud of. To make it was a privilege, to share it with GESTALT members is a pleasure.