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We are releasing our first Cabernet Sauvignon in Drop 006, Circles and Squares. The so-called King of red grapes, is a longtime favorite of ours, and we have plenty of fond memories of Cabernets made in our past. This beautiful 2022 hails from the Dry Creek Valley in Sonoma County, from a grower friend of ours. 2022 was an absolutely gorgeous growing season and it shows here. It’s dark and juicy Cabernet, showing great richness and balance, and has just the right kiss of high quality French Oak on it. It’s a can’t miss for a wide variety of food. Shoot, it’s Cabernet, you know what to do with it!

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about our drops

Each quarterly drop is purpose-made for our members around the theme of the release, and will differ every quarter. With each shipment, you will receive the equivalent of 6 bottles, which may be 6 bottles of the same wine, or a combination of different wines. The theme and wines will change from quarter to quarter, but will always be thoughtfully made and produced exclusively for our members. The wine may be white, red, rosé, sparkling, or a combination of those, but will always be delicious. If you particularly love a wine in the release, as a member you may purchase additional bottles through the GESTALT website. Over time, we will introduce additional wines available to everyone, with members enjoying a significant pricing discount.

circles and

Shortly after moving to Napa, I decided to volunteer at the Veteran’s home, and was paired up with a man that made a lasting impression on my life. Mr. Fincher was a tall handsome Black gentleman with a fierce glimmer in his one good eye and cloudy cataracts in the other. Over innumerous games of checkers, where he would lure me into a false sense of security only to school me every time -  I learned a lot about that game, and reflected on my life.  Circles and Squares is my homage to Mr. Fincher and his checkerboard.

our new box

There are a few other non-wine elements that have changed with this Drop. You may notice that we have changed our boxes, the exterior shipping box is now a little thicker and less likely to show markings from its journey to you, as well as easier to open to extract the interior box. The interior box now features cardboard dividers, making it more environmentally friendly (100% recyclable after the magnet and ribbon are removed!)

this drop's label

The wine is our first Cabernet release for Gestalt, from northern Sonoma County. It’s rich, dense, complex and utterly delicious. Our labels are playful pop art interpretations of the theme. As always, our magazine uses the theme and meanders through a series of explorations of it, from the history of pizza deliveries to the creation of Tibetan sand mandalas.

the art object

Our art object for drop 006, is the once omnipresent and now rare 45 rpm vinyl record in a black sleeve. A little circle in a square package, our article about this drop’s art object thinks back to the day that disco died in on July 12th, 1979 - the disco demolition night at the White Sox home game.