Napa Valley

Pressed Flesh

We are featuring our first Napa Valley wine, and our first Cabernet Franc. Pressed Flesh is a 2021 Cabernet Franc which hails primarily from Coombsville, east of the City of Napa in an area that tends to have nice alluvial soils and a more moderated temperature than other appellations  up valley. Cabernet Franc can be more distinctive, more expressive of its terroir, than many other varieties. There are two good examples of this in France - the Cabernet Franc grown in the Loire Valley, in appellations like Chinon, makes a light, quaffable, pleasant red fruited wine. On the other hand, in Bordeaux, where it is most frequently seen planted in St. Emilion and surrounding communes, the wine is much richer, denser, with a higher tannin load and a telltale tobacco note, with a much blacker fruit profile.
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As our final release of 2023, we present you with Pressed Flesh. As this is a holiday release, and society is going back to work in offices, we remember back to the more raucous (and analog) times when invariably someone would get a little tipsy at the office holiday party and use the copy machine for a purpose other than for which it was intended. Sometimes the resulting images could be quite *cheeky*, and the offender’s personnel file would have one more entry the next business day… Our Pressed Flesh label images are tamer, abstracted versions of the office party shenanigans.

making the label

Our Pressed Flesh label images are tamer, abstracted versions of the office party shenanigans. Dave collaborated with several creative friends to come up with some interpretations of our theme that pair very well with the 2021 Napa Valley Cabernet Franc inside the bottle. Cabernet Franc is Cabernet Sauvignon’s quirky, more esoteric cousin, so we love the way the label and wine play off each other.

this drops

In the Drop 005 zine, we are featuring several articles with permutations of the pressed flesh theme, from politicians pressing the flesh on the campaign trail, to the reasons humans press their lips together to kiss, to that pressed flesh in a can that everyone knows but few have tried - SPAM!

Our art object is the literal beautiful manifestation of when a Japanese freshwater oyster protects its pressed flesh from an object that works its way into its shell. As 2023 winds up, we hope that you shake some hands, kiss some lips, open some bottles and have some cheeky fun with the ones you love.